Double folding bed Double 111


Thanks to the handy folding system, this double folding bed Double 111 offers a lot of extra living space, very nice when space is limited, such as in a studio, micro apartment or on student campuses.

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Work or study at the desk or sleep well in the double bed, with this vertical double folding bed it's all possible! The folding bed Double 111 is a compact module with a horizontally opening double bed and a generous desk Van in 145x60 inch. Thanks to the special folding mechanism, all your belongings can remain on the desk while opening and closing the bed. The desktop always remains parallel to the floor so that nothing can tip or slide. You can transform the wide desk into a comfortable bed whenever you want.

Thanks to the handy folding system it offers double folding bed Double 111 a lot of extra living space, very nice when space is limited such as in a studio, micro apartment or on student campuses. This double wall bed offers a spacious desk for working or studying during the day and a vertically opening double bed that folds down when you need to sleep or rest. There are also options additional closets to order for even more space, ask us about the possibilities.

This folding bed is produced according to the EU quality standard, of very solid quality and therefore comes with a standard warranty period Van in 3 years. The folding bed mechanism has a lifespan of at least 10 years when used carefully. The mattress base is supported by an aluminum frame and slats for extra comfort and increasing durability. The folding bed is supplied including a slatted base in a solid aluminum frame.

Folded dimensions:

  • Height 208 cm
  • Width 152
  • Depth case 44 cm
  • Desk 60 x 145 cm
  • Depth including desk 104 cm

Dimensions folded out:

  • Height 208 cm
  • Step-in height 36 cm (without mattress)
  • Width 152
  • Depth 211 cm

Mattress size:

  • 140x190 inch
  • Maximum mattress height 18 cm.


  • Free delivery
  • Including installation manual
  • Available in various colors
  • Delivery time +/- 12 weeks
  • Exclusive mattress

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