Tojo futon bed Lie


Perhaps you have enough now single bed but would you rather have one later king size bed? It's all possible with this Tojo futon bed Lieg.

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Tojo futon bed Lieg is a bed that you can expand or adjust in any desired width, making it suitable for a mattress size from 100×200 to 200x200cm. Perhaps you have enough now single bed but would you rather have one at a later moment king size bed make it. The Lieg futon bed can be retrofitted by simply ordering more slats and connecting them to the frame. The bed is made of solid laminated beech, an authentic wood product that stands the test of time and on which you will sleep wonderfully for years to come. The bottom of the bed consists of sturdy slats fixed lengthwise, which rest on small legs made of bent wood and which are connected to each other.

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The Lieg bed by the German manufacturer Tojo was designed by the designer Roy Schäfer. It Lie futon bed is the pinnacle of flexibility thanks to its modular design and has the quality you would expect from this renowned German furniture manufacturer. This futon bed has a timeless and simple design that fits well with a Japanese / minimalist living style. The bed is easy to assemble and disassemble thanks to its ingenious system.


The Tojo futon bed Parallel is made of untreated layered beech wood. Due to this construction, the bed has a number of unique properties. The layered wood has a natural look, just like solid wood. However, the properties of this type of wood are different from those of solid wood. Solid wood, for example, works under the influence of moisture and fluctuating temperatures, while layered wood hardly does. You will enjoy this bed for years to come! For the frame is not varnish of paint used and is thus 100% natural.

Tojo futon bed Lie


  • Available in mattress size 100 × 200 to 200 × 200 cm
  • Frame height 27 cm
  • Load capacity max. 200 kg


  • Free delivery
  • Expandable with extra slats for more width
  • Laminated beech wood
  • 100% natural materials
  • Color natural beech
  • Bedside tables optional