Karup futon mattress double LATEX


The latex futon gives you a medium/soft support. The cotton in the futon adapts to your body and supports it where necessary, the latex core gives the mattress its extra resilience.

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Our latex futon is an 18 cm thick cotton futon mattress with a latex core with perforation for good ventilation. Our futons have a higher density and thickness than traditional Japanese futon mattresses, but it still offers all the good qualities of a traditional futon. The latex futon offers a medium firmness. The cotton in the futon adapts to the body and supports it where necessary, the latex core gives the mattress optimal flexibility.

The Karup latex futon mattress is filled with 8 layers of recycled cotton and a double latex core of 8 cm offers this futon maximum flexibility and comfort. The latex conforms to the sleeping position, giving this futon a medium soft support. Thanks to the multiple layers of recycled cotton, covered with a 100% cotton cover, this futon offers very good ventilation. Recycled Cotton is endorsed by various studies as the most sustainable shape of cotton due to the fact that the high environmental impact caused by regular cotton cultivation does not apply.

Karup futon mattress LATEX


  • Ticking of 100% cotton
  • Filling 8 layers of cotton
  • Ecologically recycled cotton through use
  • Felt padding made of wool
  • Perforated latex core
  • Thickness 18 cm



  • A futon provides a firm surface with a light counter-pressure and, thanks to the compact cotton filling, forms to the contours of your body. It provides support over the entire length of your body.
  • This is why FUTONS are especially recommended for people with back problems or who are overweight.
  • Due to the natural and airy filling, it offers excellent ventilation. This way you will sleep comfortably even on warm nights.
  • Thanks to the firm structure and the mattress is easy to turn, the FUTON can ventilate well during the day, which means that it is better ventilated and retains its fresh, natural scent.
  • A futon can easily be folded in half, with which you can save space in a smart way



  • A natural property of cotton is its ability to be compressed. To restore the original shape of the futon, it is best to roll and fold it at least twice a month in all directions, so that the cotton moves well over the mattress. Cotton is a natural product and can shrink during use with a margin of 2 to 1 cm. To keep the mattress even, you can occasionally run down the edges of the futon with your full weight to keep the surface even.
  • Do not use synthetic corner sheets or flannel/mattress protector, as this will block the ventilation and cause the futon to mold.
  • A futon mattress is made of cotton fibers – don't let it get wet.
  • As with other mattresses, the FUTON must be turned regularly so that it retains its shape and can be ventilated.
  • Leave the mattress uncovered regularly during the day. It can ventilate better if not covered.
  • Provide a ventilating surface, for example a tatami mat or slatted base. Directly on a wooden floor / tile floor / laminate floor or carpet does not provide sufficient ventilation, which can cause the futon to mold.
  • Do not let the futon get wet and do not place it in a room with high humidity. This will result in mold in the futon.




Karup Design is all about creating more space with fewer square meters. The most typical feature of this Danish design brand is the Japanese futon, this originally Japanese mattress is used on almost every product from the collection.  They call this combination of Scandinavian design and Japanese comfort design at Karup Japandi. 

Like any responsible company, Karup Design continuously strives to make the world a better place. For example, they only use FSC certified wood from Scandinavian forests and they use recycled cotton and materials to fill the mattresses.