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The modern urban way of life is rapidly producing generations of people whose daily lives are becoming increasingly dynamic and at the same time more limited in space. The living room that symbolizes HOME shrinks and meanwhile takes over the functions of guest room, office space, playroom or even bedroom. Due to the increasing population on our planet, the prices per square meter are also increasing. With this in mind, the Feydom designers set to work and have since Several successful models have been developed that have been recognized and crowned with some of the most prestigious design awards in the world.

Modular sofas

The sofa is the most space-absorbing piece of furniture in the living room. Because the sofa is often the centerpiece of the living room, it usually defines the rest of your interior. To counter this, the design and product development of modular, transformable, comfortable, durable and affordable banking systems became Feydom's primary project. With a modular sofa from Feydom you can make optimal use of your living room, all you need is some creativity.



Total freedom

The modular sofas from Feydom really give you the freedom you need to make optimal use of your furniture and the space in which you place it. Take the modular sofa bed Bonbon, for example. This sofa is a straight 4-seater sofa but can be turned into a corner sofa with a simple movement. With a corner sofa you are often tied to one fixed corner on the left or right. This is not the case with the Bonbon from Feydom, this sofa can move with both seat modules so that you can decide for yourself whether the corner is to the left or right. Can't choose? No problem, you can also simply place both modules next to each other, creating a wonderful lounge with 2 chaise longues. Pull the 2 seat modules forward and fold the backrest flat and you have a comfortable seat double bed of 160x200cm. Prefer a single bed? That is also possible! Each module can be moved separately… 2x single bed, single bed and 2-seater sofa, of 2 separate 2-seater sofas, the arrangement possibilities are endless!

The modular sofa Bonbon comes in 3 sizes, the Bonbon S, Bonbon M, Bonbon L and can always be expanded later with additional modules.

Modular sleeping chair Q6

So much more than a chair!


Asymmetrical benches

For those looking for something special, the Feydom collection also has a number of Asymmetrical sofas available. Of course with the functionality that you can expect from this brand.


Modular sofa bed Matacao




Golden yellow or rather a more neutral color?




Always change setup, use your own creativity!






Combine natural materials with soft colours.



With asymmetrical shapes you can make sleek design a bit stubborn.



Endless possibilities!