Modular sofa bed BonBon L

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The modular sofa bed Bonbon L can be converted from a straight 4-seater sofa to corner sofa to double bed in one simple movement. You can use both seats as a corner so that you are not stuck to one fixed corner on the left or right.

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Removable covers

Wash - change - replace

Plant a tree

We plant a tree for every sofa sold!

5 year warranty

Standard on all Feydom products


You can change this modular sofa from the Bonbon series from a 4-seater sofa to a lounge in no time. Pull the seat forward and fold the backrest flat to create one comfortable double bed of 160x200cm. There is 150 liters of storage space in the armrests, ideal for bedding.

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This innovative corner sofa moves with you, thanks to the wheels you can easily change the sofa's arrangement. Once in position you can lock the wheels so that the modules cannot move.


Hide your favorite things and bring them out when needed. Open the armrests and discover a hidden space of 150 litres, ideal for bedding, pillows and all other items that you do not want to have in sight but always at hand. Super handy right?


Throwing away a sofa because it is dirty or worn out, or because you are tired of the color is of course a great shame and also bad for the environment. With a Feydom sofa, this is a thing of the past! Thanks to the removable covers, you can easily change the color and fabric or simply wash the modules.

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To combat deforestation, Feydom started planting specially selected Paulowna trees in 2017 with the aim of being able to provide itself with its own wood supply. The Paulowna tree grows 7x faster and absorbs up to 10x more CO2 than other tree species. Today, the Feydom forest already absorbs more than 2000 tons of CO2 annually.

We plant a tree for every sofa sold

In addition to this sustainable project, solar panels on the roof of the factory ensure that all benches can be produced in an energy-neutral manner. The residual materials left over from production are reused to fill cushions, for example.


Discover the versatility of the BonBon L modular sofa bed! With 6 separate modules and 4 cushions, this sofa offers endless possibilities for your interior. Whether you are ready for a makeover or your living situation is changing, with BonBon L you can easily adjust the setup to your wishes. Joint modules Add them, move them, or change fabric and color with the optional removable covers – the choice is yours!

With our house brand Feydom we strive for an anti-disposable society, which means that our sofas have a longer lifespan than average. With a 5-year warranty you are assured of quality and durability.

Enjoy optimal comfort with the high-quality SG30 foam filling, for an active sitting without sinking. The elastic fabric covering provides a sleek look without excessive folds.

The BonBon L is not only functional, but also stylish. Handmade in the EU, with a frame made of solid beech wood, this sofa bed exudes craftsmanship. Thanks to the wheels under the module, the sofa is easy to move, so you can continue to vary effortlessly.

Choose comfort, durability and versatility with the BonBon L modular sofa bed – your perfect partner for relaxation and style!

Modular sofa bed BonBon L

Dimensions modules:

  • Module A 143 x 80 x 59 cm
  • Module W 70 x 55 x 18 cm
  • Module C 60 x 59 x 59 cm
  • Module D 110 x 30 x 59

Dimensions setups:

  • 4-seater 346 x 110 x 59 cm
  • Corner sofa 283 x 175 x 59 cm
  • Lounge bed 220 x 173 x 59 cm
  • Double bed 160 x 200 x 39 cm


  • Handmade in the EU
  • Sustainably produced
  • Solid beech wood frame
  • 5 year warranty
  • Module is easy to move thanks to the wheels
  • Available in different fabrics and colors
  • Removable covers optional

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Move with you

The modern urban way of life is rapidly producing generations of people whose daily lives are becoming increasingly dynamic and at the same time more limited in space. The living room, which symbolizes home, shrinks and in the meantime takes over the functions of guest room, office space, playroom or even bedroom. Due to the ever-increasing population on our planet, the prices per square meter are also increasing. With this in mind, the designers at Feydom have set to work and since their existence have developed several successful models that have been recognized and awarded with some of the most prestigious design awards in the world.


Feydom strives for a 100% CO2 neutral, environmentally friendly production process. For example, the factory runs for 95% on solar panels, all residual materials are given a new destination and they plant their own trees for wood production. All sofas are handmade and of high quality, so that the furniture will last for years.