Karup mini Nido
Karup Mini Nido
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Karup Mini Nido


This beautiful Karup mini Nido sleeping chair is the little brother of our Nest and Nido sleeping chairs and offer a warm for the smallest.

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This beautiful Karup mini Nido sleeping chair is the little brother of our sleeping chair Nest and Nido from Danish design offers you a warm nest with a practical folding system for a comfortable lying or sitting position. This seat is held together by a Velcro system.

This comfortable, very versatile futon is available in three sizes to appeal to people of all ages and ages. Like the Mini Nido armchair, it offers a cozy nest where your little one can sit comfortably to retreat or read an exciting book. The Mini is also available in two larger variants Nest of  Nest, ideal for teenagers and adults to relax in. Loosen the four Velcro straps on the back of your chair and it quickly becomes a half moon futon, suitable as a play mat or for a nap, meditation or just lounging. Pair two opened futons together to create an inviting circular play mat.

The mattress of this sleeping chair has padding and is filled with 4 layers of wool blend consisting of 50% wool, 40% polyester, 10% cotton and 4 cm foam / fabric core with a thickness of approx. 12 cm. The standard lonetta cover is made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester. With these fabrics and the wool blend filling, this sleeping chair feels like a warm nest, where you can dream away.

This sleeping chair is available in different sizes and many colors, materials. in total there are different colors to choose for the mattress. You can do this sleeping armchair so put together according to your own taste, so every sleeping chair becomes unique!

The Karup mini Nido is adjustable in two positions, so you can use it as a seat, lounge chair or extra sleeping place. You can also link two together to create a wonderfully large round mattress.

Karup mini Nido


  • Width 75cm
  • Length 80 cm
  • Mattress height 12 cm or a total of 60 cm in sitting position


  • Free delivery
  • Possibly connect a second Nest
  • Including Assembly instructions
  • Unique design


Sleeping sofas

A sleeping armchair has long ceased to be a piece of furniture that you hide somewhere in a spare room, nowadays there are many hip and comfortable chairs available, which also look great in your interior. A sleeping chair offers space for a guest and can be folded out into a full-fledged single bed or queen-size bed of 110 × 220 centimeters. In addition, you can also use the sofa bed to sit on it! The folding system of this sleeping seat has a Velcro zipper. With its wool blend filling, the mattress offers a firm sleeping and sitting position.

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Karup Design is all about creating more space with fewer square meters. The most typical feature of this Danish design brand is the Japanese futon, this originally Japanese mattress is used on almost every product from the collection.  They call this combination of Scandinavian design and Japanese comfort design at Karup Japandi. 

Like any responsible company, Karup Design continuously strives to make the world a better place. For example, they only use FSC certified wood from Scandinavian forests and they use recycled cotton and materials to fill the mattresses.

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Anthracite, Beige, Bordeaux, Olive


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