Karup sleeping chair Buckle


In the classic film, "All About Eve," iconic actress Bette Davis warned, "fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy night." Not so with our Buckle, which ranges from trendy seating to functional guest accommodation in three easy steps


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Buckle-Up can be converted from a comfortable seat into a functional bed or lounge bed in three easy steps. Simply unfold the seat cushion, detach the rolled backrest and stack both futons on top of each other. This creates a luxurious, thick single bed that will provide comfort all night long. Buckle-Up is highly functional, stylish and a great way to optimize your living space.


The filling in the mattress is mainly made of recycled cotton and tested according to TÜV, which means that quality and environmental standards are met. To arrive at recycled cotton, cotton from worn clothing or cutting waste is used. The big advantage of recycling is that the impact on the environment is many times smaller than with organic or regular cotton without losing the comfort properties.


This beautiful Karup sleeping chair Buckle  is made in Denmark and consists of two futons, both of which are filled with our wool blend, which is a mixture of wool 50% with cotton 40% and polyester 10%. The core consists of a sturdy sg foam and the whole is covered as standard in lonetta fabric, woven from 80% cotton and 20% polyester. The lower futon has a thickness of approximately 10 cm and is made up of 4 layers of wool blend and a foam core of 4 cm, the upper futon has a thickness of 6 cm.

In the classic movie, "All About Eve," iconic actress Bette Davis warned, "Buckle up, it's gonna be a bumpy night." Not so with our Buckle, which ranges from trendy seating to functional guesthouse in three easy steps: Simply unfold the seat cushion, loosen the rolled backrest and stack both futons to create a luxurious, thick futon bed that will last all night. offers good comfort Our Western futons are wider and thicker than traditional futons and are filled with a blend of wool, cotton, polyester and high quality foam core. They are fantastically functional, strikingly stylish and a great way to maximize living space.

So you can compose the Karup sofa-bed Buckle entirely according to your own design, so every sofa bed becomes unique!

We ensure the combination of a unique design made of natural and honest materials, with the choice for you from a wide range of fabrics, fillings and colors – Stylish and space saving

The Buckle sleeping chair is adjustable in several positions, so you can use it as a seat, lounge chair or extra double bed. The sofa bed comes with a simple installation manual and is easy to assemble yourself.

Karup sleeping chair Buckle


  • Width 70cm in total
  • Length 95cm or 200cm in lying position
  • Seat height 24cm or total height of 68cm


  • Free delivery
  • Foam mattress with wool blend filling
  • Matrass available in 16 trendy colors
  • Belt in brown leather
  • Adjustable in several positions


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Karup Design is all about creating more space with fewer square meters. The most typical feature of this Danish design brand is the Japanese futon, this originally Japanese mattress is used on almost every product from the collection.  They call this combination of Scandinavian design and Japanese comfort design at Karup Japandi. 

Like any responsible company, Karup Design continuously strives to make the world a better place. For example, they only use FSC certified wood from Scandinavian forests and they use recycled cotton and materials to fill the mattresses.