Modular 3-seater sofa bed Clooods

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The Modular 3-seater sofa bed Clooods is a transformable, comfortable and durable modular 3-seater sofa that adapts to any room you place it in.

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Removable covers

Wash - change - replace

Plant a tree

We plant a tree for every sofa sold!

5 year warranty

Standard on all Feydom products


CLOOODS is the new generation of modular systems and can be adapted to any situation. The modules can be combined in an infinite number of ways. Because you can keep changing and adding to the Clooods, you never have to buy another sofa again.

All these unique functionalities make Clooods the winner of the German Innovation Award and the Iconic Awards Interior Innovation of 2019.

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Throwing away a sofa because it is dirty or worn out, or because you are tired of the color is of course a great shame and also bad for the environment. With a Feydom sofa, this is a thing of the past! Thanks to the removable covers, you can easily change the color and fabric or simply wash the modules.

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The individual sofa elements do not slip thanks to a super strong Velcro strip. The Velcro strips are attached between the seat cushion and the section of the sofa in an instant and remain there until you want to move your sofa.


To combat deforestation, Feydom started planting specially selected Paulowna trees in 2017 with the aim of being able to provide itself with its own wood supply. The Paulowna tree grows 7x faster and absorbs up to 10x more CO2 than other tree species. Today, the Feydom forest already absorbs more than 2000 tons of CO2 annually.

We plant a tree for every sofa sold

In addition to this sustainable project, solar panels on the roof of the factory ensure that all benches can be produced in an energy-neutral manner. The residual materials left over from production are reused to fill cushions, for example.


The Modular 3-seater sofa bed Clooods is a transformable, comfortable and durable modular 3-seater from the Clooods series that can be adapted to any room in which you place it. The different modules can be placed in many configurations. By simply moving the cushion you change the classic model into a minimalist design sofa. The sofa offers a great challenge for people with a creative mind, a different setup every day of the week, it's all possible! With the modular 3-seater sofa Clooods, so many different configurations are possible that you never get tired of it. The modular sofa consists of three separate seating elements and back and seat cushions that you can easily connect to each other, so you can turn this modular sofa into a single bed.

The frame is very sturdy because it is made of solid beech, guaranteed for years of enjoyment and comfort. The seat cushions are made of sg30 polyester combined with high-quality HR cold foam which is sprung with pocket suspension, which gives you the feeling that you are literally sitting on clouds. The covers be from this couch removable making the modular 3-seater Clooods easy to maintain or to cover in a different color.

Thanks to the many set-up options, the Modular 2-seater sofa Clooods is also very suitable for small-sized people, a spacious 2-seater sofa during the day and a lovely single bed at night. With the Clooods you actually need few other pieces of furniture! Winner of the Innovation Awards 2019

Modular 3-seater sofa bed Clooods


  • 3 separate modules
  • Seats sg30 with HR foam
  • Base of pocket springs
  • Solid wood frame
  • Removable covers
  • Available in many trendy colors


  • Bench 247 x 91cm
  • Bed 91 x 182 cm
  • Loose armchair 65 x 91 cm
  • Seat height 43 cm

Possible arrangements:

  1. 3-seater sofa
  2. 2-seater sofa with thick armrest (classic)
  3. 2-seater sofa with narrow armrest (minimalist)
  4. 3 separate armchairs
  5.  Single bed of 90 x 180 cm

In addition to the standard collection, you can also put together your own sofa with our 3D configurator or download the app.







Move with you

The modern urban way of life is rapidly producing generations of people whose daily lives are becoming increasingly dynamic and at the same time more limited in space. The living room, which symbolizes home, shrinks and in the meantime takes over the functions of guest room, office space, playroom or even bedroom. Due to the ever-increasing population on our planet, the prices per square meter are also increasing. With this in mind, the designers at Feydom have set to work and since their existence have developed several successful models that have been recognized and awarded with some of the most prestigious design awards in the world.


Feydom strives for a 100% CO2 neutral, environmentally friendly production process. For example, the factory runs for 95% on solar panels, all residual materials are given a new destination and they plant their own trees for wood production. All sofas are handmade and of high quality, so that the furniture will last for years.