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SOFTLINE becomes a leading global supplier of innovative, functional and high-quality furniture for private homes and public spaces. Through the use of innovative constructions, new and environmentally friendly materials and close collaboration with internationally renowned designers, SOFTLINE creates a sense of optimal value and quality and becomes the first choice when furnishing homes and public spaces with functional design furniture.

SOFTLINE has come a long way since they started making furniture in 1979. It has since become an international brand that makes innovative, iconic and high-quality furniture, the modern colorful designs can be found all over the world. But one thing hasn't changed: all their modern upholstered furniture is still made in their own factory in Denmark.

Today, it is required that furniture can be combined in different arrangements and used in different ways – a requirement that many of these furniture fulfill with unique integrated functions that allow the same piece of furniture to be used for eg sitting, lounging and sleeping. We work closely with leading international designers who all share the passion for quality, creativity and style that characterizes SOFTLINE. They give the brand their unique take on current trends and global lifestyles, resulting in a collection that resonates with an international audience and is suitable for all aspects of modern life. Explore the new collection and discover the excellent quality, new and environmentally friendly materials in inspiring colors and innovative style. Contemporary design furniture perfect for decorating homes and public spaces anywhere in the world.

Sleek Scandinavian design

At softline you cannot ignore the Scandinavian design. The entire collection is sleek and minimalistic designed and varies from side tables to complete modular sofa sets and armchairs, there are also a number of pieces of furniture with a sleeping function.