Authentic Japanese tatami mat


This authentic Japanese tatami mat is of the highest possible quality and is made in the traditional Japanese way with a 100% straw core covered with first-class Igusa grass.

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This authentic Japanese tatami mat is of the highest quality and is carefully crafted in the traditional Japanese way with sustainable materials. These tatami mats are environmentally friendly and durable enough to last up to 20 years with proper care. Use it for a Japanese inspired tea room or bedroom, combine it with one of the Karup designs futon beds or a futon mattress. Of course, the tatami mats can also be used as a headboard for your bed or as a play mat for the children's playroom.

The tatami mat has a core of 100% rice straw, which is dried in a natural way and shaped according to the specific standards of the Japanese Agricultural Society. This core is covered with a silky smooth surface of premium rush grass, tightly woven and then stitched with multiple lines of yarn to provide the precise tension needed for proper support and ventilation. Due to its natural straw core and grass cover, a tatami mat has a distinctive smell, which is very similar to the smell of dried straw.

Tatami used to be available only for the elite in Japan, it was a symbol of status and wealth. Over the years / centuries, the tatami mat became more and more the standard and was also used by the common people. It was often the case that each house had at least one room where several tatami mats were spread on the floor. Today in Japanese households you often still find a room where tatami mats lie on the floor, the most common place is the bedroom. Here the Traditional Japanese tatami mats are laid in a pattern with a futon mattress on top.

The term tatami mat is also often used in martial arts, tatami mats were used as a floor in the traditional Dojo because of its damping and ventilating properties, however, tatami mats for martial arts are now often finished with a layer of polyether so that they are easy to clean and more resistant to damage.

Authentic Japanese tatami mat


  • Core of 100% rice straw
  • Covered with premium rush grass
  • Sides covered with textile and cardboard protective edge
  • Thickness 5.5 cm

Available in the following dimensions: 

  • 70x200 cm
  • 80x200 cm
  • 90x200 cm
  • 100x200 cm


All tatami mats must be kept dry to prevent mold. We recommend only wiping your tatami with a slightly damp cloth and not using harsh cleaners or a vacuum cleaner along the fabric of the tatami. Going against the direction of weaving can damage the tatami or cause dirt to be pushed into it. When vacuuming, make sure you choose the weakest setting and use a brush head.

Tatami mats are sensitive to moisture, do not leave carpet or other covering material on a tatami mat, as this creates a humid environment for fungi. We recommend cleaning and airing the tatami from time to time. Dry and sunny days are best for airing the tatami mats.





Karup Design is all about creating more space with fewer square meters. The most typical feature of this Danish design brand is the Japanese futon, this originally Japanese mattress is used on almost every product from the collection.  They call this combination of Scandinavian design and Japanese comfort design at Karup Japandi. 

Like any responsible company, Karup Design continuously strives to make the world a better place. For example, they only use FSC certified wood from Scandinavian forests and they use recycled cotton and materials to fill the mattresses.